In July 2022, not long after the Supreme Court of the United States lifted the federal ban on online poker games, Papa Poker decided to officially launch their website. Taking advantage of how quickly the poker media landscape is changing and how much people want reliable betting products and information, the company has hired a number of well-known executives and personalities from the industry, made exclusive deals with professional leagues, and added to its already-advanced tech platform. With these moves, the company has been able to take advantage of the opportunities that have come up because poker media is changing so quickly.

New Jersey's Online Gambling Policy

A group of iGaming professionals came together to form NJ Online Gambling with the goal of providing a useful resource for both New Jersey residents who gamble online and those with an interest in the industry as a whole. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has granted us a vendor license because we are committed to developing the rapidly growing market for online gambling in a safe and responsible manner.

New Jersey gaming operators are reviewed here, as well as the most recent industry news, game guides for newbies, and a slew of other useful information. Additionally, you'll find the most up-to-date details on time-sensitive bonus offers, as well as breakdowns of VIP programs for NJ online gambling. NJ Online Gambling has partnered with some of the best casinos in the industry to ensure that you get the best welcome bonuses and other perks currently available.

NJ Online Gambling is dedicated to providing you with up-to-date information on iGaming in New Jersey, and we hope that you will come to rely on us to do so.

Our goal is simple: to make the world a better place. For us, it's simple: We want to provide American players with objective reviews of online casinos and the most current information on the rapidly changing legal gambling landscape in America. In addition, we want every American citizen to have access to legal and fair online gambling options.

Everyone in the United States, regardless of age, has the right to make their own financial decisions, including whether or not to gamble.

Many states should seriously consider legalizing online gaming for the reasons listed below:

  • Alcohol prohibition is a failure. There will always be a way for those who desire to gamble to do so. Dozens of offshore gambling and casino sites have been accepting players from the United States in violation of the law for decades now.
  • There are almost no fair conditions in offshore locations at any time. It is not uncommon for offshore gambling websites to use unfair game mechanics and terms and conditions in order to keep more of their players' money. It has also been reported that illegal sites delay withdrawal requests in the hopes that players will give up and continue gambling with the money despite the fact that they have set their own limits on how much they can wager.
  • Make more money for your local, state, and federal governments by collecting more taxes. Instead of the money going overseas and being laundered by criminals there, the United States could benefit from the additional tax revenue by reinvesting it in schools, roads, and healthcare. This would keep the money in the United States rather than going overseas.